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FNF vs Stickman

FNF vs Stickman is a mod that was created very simply since the character that will face BF is a black and white designed figure. Despite his unassuming appearance, he possesses enormous strength.

Friday Night Funkin vs Stickman pits you against an instrumental genius who can wield a variety of weaponry ranging from microphones to pianos to speakers. Furthermore, the venue of the match is his home, therefore you must be attentive because his confidence is excessive in his own home. Furthermore, to dodge his microphone tosses.

Although the character design is simplistic, the sound is excellent; FNF vs Stickman employs up to six tracks. The songs’ melodies are highly appealing; you should prepare your thoughts so that when you listen to them, you will completely feel the pleasant melodies contained in the music. Sticking, Fight, Serious, Boombox, Bopeebo, and Wrath Soul are among the tracks featured in this Friday Night Funkin mod.

There are numerous amusing situations in the mod. If you are worried or exhausted, look no farther than FNF vs Stickman, where you can transform tension and exhaustion into a game session full of fun. Please visit FNF Mods as soon as possible to try out the mod.



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