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FNF vs Smiley Face

FNF vs Smiley Face will come with a new story. With this one, you can have more fun when reading dialogue from FNF.

FNF vs Smiley Face mod has some new things for you. Each thing we have will make your world full of funny things. Like the way, you are going to start your game. You will run into a man who is trying to hold you back. A good way for you to stop him is to get him into a battle.

And this is how the FNF vs Smiley Face starts. There will be many fights you need to jump in. Each fight will ask you to dance, rap, sing weirdly and uniquely. The stickman that you have to fight too will bring you some challenges. If you can complete these challenges, you might get your chance to win. FNF Mods will be the page for you to bring this game to your PC.

Friday Night Funkin games will be free for you. All the mods we have will be on the main page and can be downloaded straightforwardly.

There will be a download button on your left. Click on it and make sure you have a good PC to run this game.



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