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FNF: Tabi VS Whitty

FNF: Tabi VS Whitty – A battle between two people with enormous power.

FNF: Tabi VS Whitty is a mod whose plot is mixed between two mods of FNF, in which Tabi will fight Whitty. And you will be surprised to participate in this mod.

About FNF: Tabi VS Whitty

FNF: Tabi VS Whitty will not let you down after a long wait, there will be some content of the two combined mods that will be changed to match. The mod’s setting is based on the battle scene of BF and Tabi in the restaurant, but this time you will play in the form of the mighty Whitty character. Will this change help you defeat Tabi again?

You can easily see a new design, new mechanics, new songs, new backgrounds inside the FNF: Tabi VS Whitty mod. Besides, the author will add more symbols when winning, and they make your win more memorable. A fan of FNF Mods, you can’t ignore it as it’s like a brand-new mod.

Many players have confirmed that this FNF: Tabi VS Whitty mod in Friday Night Funkin online has a unique and very intense new storyline, it makes them play it for a long day. Do you want to read a new story about the mod in these FNF Mods? Indeed, it will satisfy your entertainment needs during boring or tiring days.



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