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FNF: Scoptophobia

FNF: Scoptophobia is unique in that it is made relatively simple, with strokes like those of students, but the mod is not simple. Let’s find out together.

FNF: Scoptophobia Mod is a unique hybrid of the animated film Roblox and Friday Night Funkin mods. Although there are many different characters in the Roblox movie, to pass this enjoyable mod, you only need to defeat two of them. The gaming context is the same as in the film, with the match taking place in a recreated metropolis.

The unique feature of FNF: Scoptophobia is that it has a basic, light, and unpretentious style, yet you can still visualize the characters from Roblox, and the environment is also built very simply by just employing detailed drawings. In terms of sound, this mod includes all four songs: Gloomy-Streets, Taking-Matters, The-Clone, and Bloxiam, and is most likely split evenly between the two characters.

The Roblox universe has been shrunk with the FNF: Scoptophobia. If you enjoy the Roblox movie, don’t miss out on this occasion; it would be fantastic if you could find your favorite universe in this little Friday Night Funkin. Please visit FNF Mods to add this great mod to your favorite collection if you want to explore it.



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